17 June 2016



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Who are we ?

Law Partners is located in Amsterdam and gives legal advise and support for real estate and trading deals worldwide. From every start of a transaction our legal advisors think with you on all juridical aspects.

We represent

We give worldwide optimal juridical support to our clients, to guarantee a positive outcome of all transactions. We think with our clients instead of for our clients, we are there completely for them. We have different legal partners worldwide so we make sure that you will be delivered with the correct use of any juridical law.

What do we do ?

We are able to draft any of the following documents and adjust them to the clients specified needs; NDA, LOI, NCNDA, IMFPA, exclusivity agreements, cooperation agreements and purchase agreements. We try to locate all the juridical obstacles or eye-catching solutions in the respective country. All this is important in closing all transactions world wide from the beginning until the closing date. We are also able to negotiate with other lawyers on any level during a transaction. Work with Law Partners and be sure that we will take care of every discomfort you may have.

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You can contact us at anytime true the following information.

Law Partners
Herengracht 454
1017CA, Amsterdam


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