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G.T.G. Global Trade Group

Estate Partners, Financial Partners, Law Partners & G.T.G. Global Trade Group
Working apart together

Working apart together is the slogan of G.T.G. Global Trade Group B.V. and their partners. The unique combination of different people all with their own specialties and abilities creates a one of a kind company. We have everything in house to take our clients step by step true a financial/company purchase a real estate purchase, all construction for real estate and almost all mineral resource transactions.

  • Real estate purchases

  • Financial/company purchases

  • Supporting legally for all transactions

  • World wide trading transactions


The assets of G.T.G. Global Trade Group and their partners

Boy Schook

CEO @ G.T.G. | Work area: Estate Partners & Global Trade Group |

John Peters

Lawyer @ G.T.G. | Work area: Law Partners |

Ron Jochems

Consultant @ G.T.G. | Work area: Estate Partners |
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