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G.T.G. Global Trade Group

Estate, Commodity, Financial & Law
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The unique combination of different people all with their own skills creates a one of a kind company. We have everything to assist our clients step by step in Estate, Commodity, Financial & Law deals.

  • Estate Partners is a real estate supply and demand organisation, gathering developments and off-market properties from a wide variety of brokers and salesman with years of experience.

  • Financial Partners is specialised in accompanying real estate, company purchases and commodity transactions this means that we will support our clients with everything they require.

  • Law Partners gives legal advise and support for real estate and commodity deals worldwide. From the start of all transactions our legal advisors will accompany our clients on all juridical aspects.

  • We have a supply and demand chain for commodity trading worldwide. We hand-pick our clients and brokers to make any commodity transaction reliable.

our people

Boy Schook

CEO & Founder
Expertise: Commodity

Sem Schook

CEO & Founder
Expertise: Estate

Jorn Bogers

COO & Global Director
Expertise: Estate

Piet Briels

CFO & Financial Director
Expertise: Financial

John Peters

Law Director
Expertise: In-house legal counsel

Ron Jochems

Official Mandate G.T.G.
Expertise: Estate

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